on Isnin, 16 Februari 2009

Salam to all. This post is about 8 february 2009.. What's wrong with this date? Haha..nothing actually..although this date had passed, but..huhu..(should be posted on that date actually).. It was my hubby's birthday..Haha.. But of course it's an important date to remember.. I had difficulty on what to buy ang how to buy gift for my husband. Why? Because almost all the time, he was with me.. Working at the same company, went lunch together, get back from work.. all together gether (penggunaan bahasa yang salah ye..jgn amalkan..).. pendek kata mmg susah nk membeli ape-ape pun..huhu.. But then, I managed to self-doing the birthday card (of course in my office). Then, I asked him to wait at a certain place with our lovely daughter, while I'm going to buy a gift.. Just managed to buy a cutie mug for him. Then, on that day, we went to carrefour (tul ke eja nih??).. We went to 'Splendid' - as a birthday meal..haha.. De la gambar-gambar sket.. Yang bawah ni gambar my hubby punya 'birthday meal'..cuba tgk pe yang anda x pueh ati...

(Nih bukan botol susu mama ye..Nih Annur punya..)

Yang nih pulak tuan hamba punya meal.. Ade x mengalahkan birthday person?? HAhaaHA..Tapi..the chocolate drinks..Uhh..masyuk..cuma manis jer.. Anyway, hope my hubby be happy always.. Ha..pe yang x pueh ati tu?? Cuba peratikan air kopi kt sebelah kanan tu..adoi..mase datang, igt tambahan pe.. tapi tu la minumannye..ape namanye tah...adoi..xberbaloi dengan harganye.. If you wanna know how much, spend a little time at splendid ok... But for mine..okla..
To my lovely hubby, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.. Happy birthday to Mr. Ahmad Hafiz..Love you..
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