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on Selasa, 17 Februari 2009

alop.. yesterday I went to BiotechCorp at Jalan Ampang for a half day seminar. It's about cold chain solution. The bruch talk (bruch= breakfast+lunch - maybe..HAHaahaA..) was given by people from World Courier.. It's on how your wanna sent your sample (mainly biological sample) either domestic or internationally.. Actually it's a kind of promoting their services..aiyoo.. so, the talk started at 10am until 12pm (finished before 12 actually). Quite ok, but still have some info that I don't know before.. Some info about this seminar...

If your sample is temperature vital; exe: cryogenics, the method to transit the sample is below -80 deg C, you have to use liquid nitrogen
If your sample is in deep freezing type, (-80 to -60 deg C) use dry ice
And if your sample is freezing type (-18 to 0 deg C), please just use gel packs.
It's because, if you use wrong preservation materials (PM), your product maybe will too hot or too cold - will effect the life of samples.

  • Transit time - make sure for preservation materials (dry ice, gel packs..) is enough for the time of sending to the destination. Need to change or top up if not enough at a certain time and place
  • Transit temperature - Be sure about the temperature of the sample origin place, transit, destination and during aircraft (temperature may change from malaysia to london exe..)
  • Product size - make sure the PM is enough for sample size; not too much or less
  • Refrigerant volume - always filled up any free space; for better temperature control and vandilation (Any filling material should be tested first for effectiveness)
  1. Never use papers (including newspaper) or bubble wrap to fill the space of box
  2. Use polystyrene pieces to fill the space
  3. No need to wrap the dry ice with any materials
  4. Can pack the material first before the pick up man came, but have to stored the packaging inside cold room.
  5. There's a method on how to distribute/ locate your sample, PM and fillers - need to go to seminar for further info..HIkhikhSS..
That's all for now.. Any question, contact me.. (Seems to be expert jer..yo yo oo...)- no lah, will be answered if realy sure...(and if get correct answer for the questions...ahahaaa..)
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