a journey to remember..

on Jumaat, 20 Februari 2009

Salam.. Didn't managed to open the blog yesterday. HUhuuu..Yesterday my boss, My collegue; Mr. Hafiz, Azim, Nadia and of course ME..went to Pekan Nenas, Johor.. We went to chicken farm (our contract farming).. to send the StellarLac plus to discuss the experiment that we want to carry out with them. The cronology of the journey that have to be remembered...

7.30 am : send our beloved baby to taska..(cian die..kena hantar awal...)

7.50 am : reach office. take the StellarLac in cold room, plus experiment product.

8.15 am : reached Setiawangsa.. Breakfast at boss's house

8.35 am : Started journey.. Seem all roads in KL quite jammed.. then we saw the Sultan's (Agong) car passing by (don't know where they're going)..Quite jammed, but car still can moved. Went with sorento 4WD..went along the highway with many cars, lorries, bus etc..the journey ok, but some fell sleep :) ..Hahhaa..

11.40 am: Exit at Kulai..Heading ahead to Pekan Nenas..Wah..jalan leh tahan ni..Lau drift, syok nih..(terpengaruh citer initial D)

12.00 pm : Reach main office.. The company called Flavour Right Sdn. Bhd. They claimed that their business is bigger than Leong Hup & others chicken producer in MAlaysia..Really big and many farms...HUHuhu... Discuss a little bit on method to do the experiment with the operation manager a.k.a shareholder.. (Fuh.Hebat nIh..Pakai rilek jER..t-sHIRt jer..).. Went to chicken farm, but there's no any chick..(Maybe MONday will arrive) - so the experiment will also start on Monday/Tuesday.. Also discuss on how they fed & gave water to chicken. A short discussion on last time result.. The growth quite slow, but still ok..

1.00 pm : Went to lunch (luckily it's malay restaurant) - however, not much food left..

1.30 pm : Start journey back to KL..(YeHH..yEH..can fetch my baby earlier than expected...)

2.25 pm : Take Ayer Hitam exit..planned to buy something (as a prove we went to johor), but ended up buy nothing..HAhahhaa..

3.00 pm : Entrance Ayer HItam.. Everybody felt dizzly..(not Iqram Dintzy)..But I still managed not to sleep...(cannot slept in car ma...). then, somehow, we heard something..- like a stone that hit the car..Positively thinking, there's nothing..We still keep going with 120-140km/h..(wah...- lebEY had lAju mA...).. After that, we heard something..ktung..ktung..ktung.. - so scaRy.. We stopped at the side of the highway..at that time we already passed the tangkak exit..When stepped out of the sorento..the diesel already got into my nose..HAHHAaa???Then we saw the diesel came out from a tank (Because of lack info about car/sorento, so,I don't know exactly from where the diesel came out...)..My boss called the tow truck-man to pick up his car..While waiting at the highland of the highway..(High KE?)..I keep thinking about my baby..OH no..at what time I'm going to pick her up..huhuUHUHu..Then the 'tow truck-man' came..He said the drive shaft already broke..HHAAaa? Then he lift the sorento up, the 3-men (my boss+my hubby+my collegue) went to sit in sorento, while 2-women (my collegue+me) sit in front of the lorry together with the lorry driver..(Teringat dlu2..naik lori ayah..)

5.30 pm : Start the journey back (with LOrrY :0 )..

7.00 pm : reached the NAza workshop..beside mRR2 road, near the roudabout to Keramat AU.. take all our things and the NAZA's boy send us to Setiawangsa...(felt very pity to my boss- byk kali dah sorento nih wat hal kt die, hri tu dr johor gak...de antu johor nih-my fren said)..nape..mentang2 my boss org johor la...Haahhaa..

8.00 pm : Reach taska to take my baby..ciannye anak mama.. at the time of our reach, my baby is eating her bubur nasi..yum..yum.. Wait for a little while for her to finish her dinner..(kruk..kruk..- perut mama nyanyi2...)

8.30 pm : reach home, solat and eating..wah..what a day..very tired, very sleepy..very very..everything lah..

So, the journey will remain in our memories..hAHhahaa..A journey to rememBEr..Luckily, my daughter tak meragam and she do sleep well at that night...Alhamdulillah...
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